For the first time we have taken up a challenge of renovating an old and damaged instrument. To avoid half measures, we’ve decided to take out the electronic cards and insert them into a completely new piano casing of our own production. We have built it from the elements of old furniture and plexiglass. The keys were made of floor strips. The fastening system and the key action mechanism are a combination of bent and connected pieces of tinplate, screws, bolts and rubber bands.

Before we even started the construction, we had decided to give this instrument a professional, not a trashy look, even though we used recycled materials to rebuild it. This effect was achieved thanks to a company which provided us with appropriate machines - milling machine for preparing the keys, plexiglass milling machine and a laser plotter for cutting the fixing plates. It was a huge step forward for us because in addition to the laborious grinding we also had to learn how to use very advanced and precise machines. We’ve decided to paint the instrument with left-over paint that we still had after building TubaPhone. At the end we sprinkled the whole thing with some glitter to give it a retro look.




The sound of the instrument:



The construction of the instrument – video:


The construction of the instrument – photo gallery: